How to prepare 4c natural hair for color

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I recently started the process of coloring my hair. I say process because I’m not fully where I want my color yet and will be going back to get closer to my desired color. In this post, I will share what I did to best prep and protect my hair from the harsh chemicals that come with color treatment and to help it ‘take’ the coloring process as much as possible.

Really simple steps;


Is this a step? Well, kinda. Your natural hair HAS TO BE healthy prior to any color. If it isn’t and you’re already having issues with breakage or extreme dryness, don’t even think of color. This has to be sorted out first otherwise the color process will make your problems tenfold.


It’s best to trim your split-ends if you have them and haven’t done so in a while. They are unhealthy and can lead to further hair breakage.


To condition hair and assist it in taking the color. This is best done about 3days before the color treatment.


I had my wash day 2 days before the color – why? Instead of clean freshly washed hair, the natural oils in the hair are said to assist in having a more even result.


Unless you already regularly do protein treatments, making sure to do one on the wash day 2 days (or even a week) prior will really help. Protein treatments strengthen the hair, correcting porosity issues and patching any holes in the cuticle layer.


After my protein treatment, I wanted to get more moisture in my hair so I did a moisture deep conditioning after my protein treatment. Sometimes a protein treatment can leave hair feeling straw-like. I do this moisture condition to prevent this.

A short post but that’s that homies.ย That’s how I prepped my hair for my current new hair color. Next post will be on how to maintain and take care of colored natural hair ๐Ÿ˜€ Got questions? Holla at me in the comments. Happy to chat ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Some hair color is easier than others. Some can be done in one sitting, others may need a couple more steps and salon visits, so…patience. My best advise is to not push to do too much to your hair in one sitting as it can be damaging, communicate your wants clearly, and hope your hair takes the color as it should. Hair behaves differently for all of us.

Your Girl,


natural hair color prep
Go on, Have fun & Happy hair coloring!



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  1. Thanks for sharing, this is beautiful I love your hair.

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  2. Cool post and blog gurl! On that note, know of any pastel hair dye brands that work well on natural hair? ๐Ÿ‘€

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