How I maintain my afro under braids!


How do you do?

Keeping your braids in for more than a month without a wash or deep condition?! NOT COOL homie!! πŸ˜€ It’s very important to keep your hair healthy and nourished while under a protective style. Besides, the point of the style (apart from the dope look) is to keep manipulation of the strands at a low, to retain and promote growth. How can we expect this if the hair is kept dry and thirsty?

Here’s the 411!

    • Super tight braids are what often cause that hairline to disappear! Do not allow your stylist to do this yo! I see many people struggling to get that hairline back. It’s miserable. Another cause is heavy braids, especially ones that are kept in for way too long. I would advise to keep the braids in for 2.5 months at the most, which you can even stretch to 3 months if you are following the tips below…


    • Gotta keep the scalp moisturized people. Don’t forget to water your roots! Moisturize the scalp with a light feeder oil such as grapeseed, jojoba or coconut oil. Make sure to massage the scalp well with little oil – dumping a lot of oil on your scalp will not only feel very uncomfortable and greasy, but will leave you feeling as if your scalp isn’t ‘breathing’!! LOL I advise you oil the scalp every 2nd or 3rd day depending on whether it feels dry or not.


    • Every 2 weeks, you can either shampoo or do an ACV (Apple cider vinegar)Β rinse to get the scalp and hair clean. Shampoo or ACV rinse will depend on what you’re already doing in your routine. This wash is super easy and I love it! Why? NO DAMN DETANGLING – I think this is my best reward and main reason for heading to a protective style!


    • On the same day as the wash, after the shampoo or rinse while hair still damp, you apply deep conditioner over the length of the braids where you hair is, leave it in for an hour plus (I could go 4 hrs even lmao) – under a heat cap if possible, then wash out. This will repair the hair, replenish it with nutrients and give it some much needed strength. A DC will keep the hair under the braids intensely moisturized and happy.


    • I create a mixture in my spray bottle that sounds something like this: 1 cup water, half a cup aloe vera juice, 3 tbsp (each) of grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. I shake it up and spray the braids with this daily, concentrating on the parts where my hair length is. Make sure to massage the braids to make sure the mixture is penetrating the braid hair to reach your actual hair.


    • The friction I avoid by wearing the scarf actually keeps the braids looking neat for longer. You only ought’a cover the part with your hair, you can then just braid up/twist up /bun up the braid ends.


    • Even though you did the above, your hair is still not as hydrated as it normally is or should be because some strands were really tucked away tightly behind the hair extension strands. SO, a hot oil treatment is a great way to get major moisture back into the hair. Trust me on this, your hair will love it. Done on dry hair after the take down, you coat the hair in your favorite oils, then massage them in. Tightly wrap your head with a hot damp/wet towel (or go under a steamer if you have one), wait at least an hour. Your hair will be unbelievably soft after (which makes the detangling process suuuper easy). From here on, you carry on as you would your normal wash day i.e. detangle – wash – DC –Β  style. I’ll try to write you a detailed hot oil treatment post soon k.


AAAAAND that’s all folks! Hope this helps ya! It definitely works for me! Let me know in the comments what you guys do to maintain your naps under your protective styles! Remember to subscribe below so you don’t miss my next post k! Love ya’ll! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Your girl,


Peace and Nappy Love




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  1. Love this!!!
    It always shocks me that there are people out there that do not wash their hair when they have braids.
    Anyway good to know that there is someone out there who believes in lovin their hair even when its nicely tucked away in braids.

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  2. Thanks Thuli! I’m now confident on what to do with braided hair. I’m wanting to go for my protective style soonest, as well as my natu princess. This way I think we can even do it together and make it a fun hair day. She loves doing things for herself πŸ™‚ (She’ll be 5 in July, I hope she stays that way and doesn’t become lazy as she grows up).

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    • Heheh as long as she sees Momzies doing her hair and looking all phly I’m sure she’ll want to follow in your footsteps! Have a fun hair day and yes, definitely keep these maintenance tips up when it’s all done, do it together even! Girl time! Thanks for dropping by!!


  3. Thanks for the tips!
    I always have a problem of my hair getting frizzy and sticks out of the braids when I wash my hair. I HATE it when it does that and feel it makes my braids look uneat. Does that happen to you?

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    • It happens over time but I noticed it the way it happens (and how quick it does) depends on the braid style. There are braiders who are really good at ‘blending’ your hair with the extension hair, keeping it properly tucked…some braiders leave the hair exposed more and that’s when it frizzes up quick. Feel me? Guess it’s just a matter of finding that person, and also keeping the head wrap routine up at night. As for the wash, don’t rub the braids up too much. Over time though, it’s inevitable!


    • What tends to work for me is rubbing a bit of oil between my palms, applying it to my damp braids and covering the whole thing with a scarf for a few minutes. I hope it helps!


  4. Hey sup hommie!!!
    Great tips ryt ther….i moisturise my hair twice daily but eish my hair hungrily eats up the moisture because 10 min after the deed my hair goes super dry with tht crunchy sound and all….my spritz is as follows….. Aloe vera olive oil glycerin water tea tree oil….is there something that im doing wrong….and yes i do the ‘drink water daily’ thing’ing…what may be the prob??

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    • Sup homes! Hmmm strange ey. Your spritz sounds good, especially if you’re low porosity. In fact, let’s start there, have you figured out your hair porosity? That will help to determine how your hair holds moisture, then direct you to the best oils/moisturizers for your porosity – which will help you retain more moisture. Lemme know…lets see if we can figure something out!


    • There might be too much glycerin in your mix – my hair reacts the same way. Maybe reduce it by half and see what happens?


  5. Sometimes your posts make me wish I was a girl, my hair would be awesome, thanks for educating the sisters out there.

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  6. You’re so cute! Great tips

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  7. Hi Thuli. I’ve already read this post. But I’ve come back to it because my hair is currently in crochet braids. Would washing hair using dry shampoo be ok? I don’t think I’ll be able to get water onto my scalp without it touching the braids. Thanks.

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