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I asked my followers on Instagram what they’d like me to write about and my trip to Namibia was one of the requests. So…

My bestie and I (Gosego – she goes by ‘Gogo’ – pronounced like ‘Gogo dancer’ :D) decided to visit Namibia for the 2016 December holidays! We were kind of last minute in our planning but we both knew we HAD TO get out of our current home countries/cities AT LEAST once a year…a commitment we have both had for many years.

Did you know?

The Namib desert, at 80 million years, is the world’s oldest desert. Namib means “open space”.

Apart from the fact that I’ve always wanted to go sand-boarding on desert dunes (P.S. everyone needs a travel bucket list), we came to find out that Namibia is quite a destination. In the region, the popular go-to’s are Cape Town, Durban, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe with its gorgeous Victoria Falls. Namibia though, not mentioned quite as much.

Our vacation was two-fold, a couple of days in the capital, Windhoek, and a couple of days on the coast, Swakopmund/Walvis Bay.


Did you know?

Namibia was a German colony, then captured by South Africa in WWI.

A quaint small town expressing an atmosphere I ignorantly did not expect :/ . Now, when I travel far (aka off the continent), I always go above and beyond with my research, PLEASE tell me why I didn’t do so this time around!!? Well, I say this because Windhoek was suuuuuuper quiet and relaxed – what I didn’t expect one bit, with most places of attraction CLOSED to the death of us. Later learning that ‘everyone’ had already left for the north and the coast! So keep this in mind people, if your trip to Namibia is during the Christmas holidays, don’t bother with the city, head straight to the desert and beaches.

Did you know?

Namibia is the second least densely populated country in the world.  It has  a population of ~2 million in a country that is twice the size of California.

Even so, we still made the most of our time in the city. We walked around as much as we could to see the town (it can be covered on foot 😀 ), then sat down at the hotel to look up what was open, attractions to see and visited those places – most of what would be restaurants and the city’s favorite bars. The popular craft market was also closed ***cries*** Acceptance is the name of the game.

One of the places we frequented was Joe’s Beer House, the most quirky, odd, and eclectic resto/bar I’ve been to.


The venue is HUGE with many vintage trinkets and things decorating every space your eyes land on. I’d say the theme is Afro-Dutch – yeah, very interesting. They have an exhaustive list of local and craft beers, with a delicious menu with mouth watering game meals for the meat junkies. Their portions are nuts! It’s a really cool place. My pictures don’t do it justice…I’ll add some video’s on my Instagram. Go check’em out. Overall, a super cool hangout!



toilet seats joe's beer house.jpg

Another favorite and must was a chill-out at the Hilton Skybar with amazing views of the city!

Hilton Skybar Namibia Windhoek.jpg

Township & Safari Tours

We were not keen on the above. Katutura is a township in Windhoek that tourists are recommended to visit, however given I’m from South Africa, this was nothing different for me and so I didn’t go. Safaris, I’ve been on many already, and so has Gogo. Personally, my aim is always to do and see what I haven’t. If you’ve never seen or experienced the township or safari, you should definitely add them to your list. ESPECIALLY a safari before anything else.

Did you know?

Namibia is home to the world’s largest population of free roaming cheetahs (~2500-3000).



After a few days in Windhoek (finally!! :D) we headed to Swakopmund. Where ocean meets desert 🙂 We had planned to spend New Year’s Eve in Windhoek, but did some quick changes to our itinerary and headed to Swakopmund on the 31st, right in time for NYE! This is where you ought to be, for desert and sea adventures! Swakop, a very small town but with so much character.

Swakopmund. Image source:
Swakopmund. Image source:


We stayed at an AMAZING B&B called “The Alternative Space“. I think it’s safe to say that this is the BEST B&B I’ve EVER stayed in. It was the cutest, most comfortable place with the best host, Sybille. She drove us into town (which isn’t even far) whenever we needed and generally went the extra mile for every request. Anywhoo,

In Swakop you are literally steps from the beach and steps from the desert. You decide whether you want to catch the beautiful ocean sunset or the mesmerizing desert sunset. In between your adventures, there are a couple of good restaurants and bars in town. Don’t forget the “Desert Tavern” for good beer and the best burgers in town!

Did you know?

There are two different styles of sand boarding? Laying down and standing up. You find both in Namibia. Laying down can reach speeds of about 80km/hr!!!

I’m going to fast forward to favorite part and highlight of the trip! SAND BOARDING!

It’s dope, it’s sick, it’s scary, it’s fun. Such a rush! if you’re an adventure seeker, you’ve gotta try it!

Above is my longest sled – The distance = nuts! And oh did I eat sand! LMAO! Make sure to take a scarf with you. Saves lives! Another thing, what goes down, must come up! That bloody walk back up the dune, a serious workout that has you questioning your life! 😀 😀

P.S. You can also go quad biking in the dunes or go for a camel back riding. Both great ways to experience the desert! Oh, I have videos of my sand-boarding experience on my Instagram for your viewing pleasure!

Gogo had a go at stand-up boarding! and fell on her ass so many times! I had many good laughs! I must say, she did improve a lot from her first try to her last. I just couldn’t do it. I wanted a full stress free experience! If you’re good at snow-boarding then this is for you!

sandboarding swakop walvis bay tooandalee
She was never ready! I kid I kid 😀 How gorg are these dunes though!!!

Did you know?

Namibia has two deserts– the Kalahari and Namib – each with distinctive wildlife and scenery.

Overall, dope holiday. I wish we did more research and better planning but that’s what travel is for, LESSONS. I definitely would have preferred to stay longer in Swakop. Oh did I mention it randomly gets COLD AF? The Atlantic Ocean is a mother! Don’t say I didn’t tell you to pack some sweaters even in the dead of summer hihi. Namibia is worth a visit good people, we had fun and made the most of our not-so-well planned vacay :D! Remember, it’s all about the company you keep! AAAAND I wouldn’t trade my sandboarding for the world! That’s all folks. Happy Travelling!

Your girl,


peace namibia swakopmund.jpg





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  1. Thank you for visiting Namibia. Such an honest review 🙂 Come back soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for this keeping us posted, now Namibia will be my next stop and yes I will be stepping out of the country at least once a year, saw your video and I’m taken. Thank you Thuli!

    By the way what did you use to make the video? 🙂

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  3. so much fun, the pictures make me wana pack up right now, well written.


  4. Such an amazing trip and experience. Wish i could go for a safari one day. Your photos are fantastic, well done!


  5. OMG Thuli you looked like you had so much fun skating down the dune lol This really was nice and entertaining to read. Also like your braids looked really neat 🙂 Your photos are really nice too 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 I enjoyed 🙂 🙂


  6. Beautiful photos! Namibia looks like an amazing trip.


  7. What brilliant photos! Sand boarding looks like so much fun. Looks like a wonderful place!
    – Cydney x


  8. Such an awesome post. I have actually never heard of Nambia before but it is amazing that the desert is 80 million years old. I just find that incredible.


  9. Awesome time with you my travel buddy.many more to come.Btw thanks for not posting thlose embarrassing videos of me falling on my ass!


  10. This was awesome! I never thought of Namibia as a holiday destination but now I really want to go! I need to try the sandboarding!


  11. Enjoyed reading this piece so much. I have now also resolved to step out of the country at least once a year. Been binge your blog – love it.


  12. Thank you for this post. Namibia is now officially on my bucket list!


  13. Gorgeous pictures and looks like you two had a fab time – I want to go to Namibia right away!


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