Top 5 Coffices (Coffee-Office) in Johannesburg

HAPPY People, how do you do?

So I’m OBSESSED with coffee & coffee shops!

Coffee Maboneng
Origin Coffee Roasting – Maboneng, Joziburg                  Image by @themba_the_neorealist

Thing is, I spent many years as a student…undergrad…postgrad, you know how it goes…and you also know what that comes with right? = Countless hours at coffee shops studying, pulling all-nighters, constantly breathing in that capturing coffee aroma while pushing for that A+ grade. Over time you find that you’ve tasted all kinds of different coffees, you start developing preferences and really appreciating the coffee, its origin and the spaces in which it is consumed. That’s how it all started!

Did you know?
Coffee is derived from a cherry-like fruit. Encapsulated in the fruit, is where we find the coffee beans “green seeds” (2 to be exact).

Well, now, NOW I’m my own boss, pushing my own shit and whad’ya know?! The coffee shop has shifted from my library to my second office. Oh boy! So as you can now imagine, I’m awfully addicted to these spaces. I have come to appreciate details that I once took for granted, and even more, I’ve become a bonafide coffee nerd. In fact, the more I immerse myself in the coffee world, the more I realize I still have to learn. The environment is also very motivating, being around people who are also working hard (well, I hope they are :D) makes you sit down and stick around for a couple of hours. This saves me from many “let me go check what’s inside the fridge” runs when at home!

tooandalee coffice maboneng coffee.jpg
THE GRIND…                    Image: @themba_the_neorealist

Johannesburg is quickly catching up to the coffee culture in Cape Town (CPT is nuts). Specialty coffee shops and roasteries are popping up in and around Jozi city and man, I’m excited!

Did you know?
South Africa has its own National Barista Championships? South Africans have also competed on a global scale at the World Barista Championships.
 I must say that my Top 3 choices score significantly better than the last 2 in terms of their ‘coffice’ nature, however 4 & 5 ARE still pretty much amazing as coffee shops so I still highly recommend you drop by for a cuppa!

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Jozi (CBD)

Judgement based on these factors:

1. Coffee 2. Service 3. WiFi 4. Ergonomics 5. Atmosphere

In order of preference…

  1. Origin – Maboneng
  2. Bean there – 44 Stanley
  3. Craft Coffee – Newtown
  4. Love Food – Braamfontein
  5. Double Shot – Braamfontein
Did you know?
Americano is Italian for “American Coffee”. An unconfirmed story states that during World War II, the American military in Italy diluted espresso with water in order to get the beverage closer to what they were accustomed 😀


My favorite coffice in the city! This is the second Origin coffee shop in the country, the first being in Cape Town (and the third opening in Bryanston a few weeks back). This Origin is coffice extrodinaire.  Everything about the ergonomics, the design, the efficiencies, will make you feel right at home as a freelancer.

The coffee is amazing, versatile, roasted on-site and freshly brewed. Every season the coffee blend changes (by mixing different origin beans) – but there’s always that Origin coffee flavor that never disappears. At Origin, you’ll find coffee connoisseurs, people who understand and value the journey of the coffee from seed to cup.

Not only does the cafe offer regular espresso based drinks, they can also make you coffee using alternative brewing methods such as; Chemex, Siphon, & Aeropress (I will definitely get into these more in another post :D)

At Origin you’ll find a large open space with lots of light. I don’t think you’ll ever walk in and not find someone with their face stuck on a laptop screen. There are large collaboration tables that seat about 10 people, feel free to join and share the space. Otherwise, there are high chairs along the windows, my fav, as I like to people watch for inspiration 😀

The service is stellar. On occasions when I try alternative brewing methods, the staff is always eager and excited to demonstrate and explain each step of the process. They’re friendly, always happy and cracking a joke. You’ll find a coffee family here. It’s never unbearably loud or even loud at all, just white noise that you’ll find at a coffice, with music alternating between alternative, indie, and rnb sounds.

HAPPY PLACE!                                       Image by @themba_the_neorealist

WiFi is free and unlimited. Too many charging ports 😀 Freshly made sandwiches from local bakery, Babette’s, are sold.

Did you know?
Arabica coffee (the best kind in all of coffee), originates in Africa, Ethiopia to be exact. It’s said to have been discovered here in the 11th century.


BEAN THERE! First of all, what a dope play on words. I love it. Housed and hidden away in quirky 44 Stanley in Jozi, Bean There as a company is quickly becoming a coffee empire. Even though you’ll find their beans literally sold everywhere in the country, their cafe and roastery still hasn’t lost its roots as a true specialty coffee shop. If you don’t get lost trying to find this cafe, then I commend you. Finding it and being pulled in by that coffee aroma is the beginning of a beautiful coffee journey.

The space is welcoming, comfortable, and friendly. Lots of light which I always love. Beautifully designed space. On this day, I found some people already consumed by their Macbook screens. The space is great as both a hang-out spot and a coffice. Although the seating is not plenty, it’s enough. There was never a point where I noticed anyone struggling to find a seat. They’ve even taken it up a notch, with a boardroom that is open for booking right on site! How cool!

Bean There is serious about coffee. They are also serious about strickly AFRICAN coffee, no other. Which is pretty dope I think. You’ll notice that they don’t have an Americano on the menu, but rather, an Afrikano 😀

So, you can order any espresso based drink as usual, or you can choose an alternative brewing method to make your coffee, such as a Chemex, Aeropress, and French Press. Love love love! I like variety. As you can tell from the above picture, you can check out the different bean origin aroma profiles in the those big tube like containers, then have them make you the one you desire. The coffee in their grinder is also always changing, even multiple times a day, from Kenyan, Ethiopian etc. On this particular day, I chose an Ethiopian Sidamo made with a Chemex. It was lovely.

The service is stellar, the baristas are engaged and happy to see and chat to their customers. I could tell that there are a LOT of loyal visitors known by name, which says a lot right? Definitely on my list of regular coffices to visit, and yours too! Did I mention there is a roastery and coffee academy on site? Yep! There is! So expect fresh, carefully brewed coffee with a dash of passion! 😀 😀

WiFi is free and unlimited. Charging ports available.  Sandwiches and few pastries sold. I had a very good carrot cake slice 😀  Washroom a few steps away!

Did you know?
Decaf doesn’t mean the coffee doesn’t have any caffeine, only a lower percentage!


CRAFT is a hidden gem tucked away in Newtown behind a bridge that is laced with some of the dopest street art you’ll probably ever see in Jozi. In any case, as you approach the entrance, the coffee aroma will lead you nowhere else but inside CRAFT’s beautiful space. This cafe is also serious about coffee, with a coffee and barista academy onsite. I immediately fell in love with the ambiance, brightness, and design of the space. When I arrived on this particular day, they were playing soothing deep house sounds. Love, Love, LOVE.

When I ordered my coffee the barista was welcoming and friendly, describing the coffee to me with patience. They don’t have plenty seating, but I found that to be okay because the cafe wasn’t packed for a couple of hours. I grabbed an espresso – a great option if you really want to taste the coffee for what it truly is. It was a beautiful South American blend with a couple of the regions’ origins infused.

Similar to the above specialty coffee shops, you can choose to have your coffee made using alternative brewing methods which is pretty neat. They also carry single origin coffee which is great to use with pour over’s and such. CRAFT also roasts on site so you’re guaranteed fresh beans with all their clear tasting profiles and most importantly, health benefits 🙂

Did you know?
Coffee is great for working out. It increases your levels of adrenaline, and releases fatty acids from fat tissues, leading to a better physical performance.

On this day, I also had Ethiopian (Yirgacheffe) using a Siphon. I had the pleasure of having a chat, or rather, a lesson, on how to use the siphon with someone who seemed to be a top CRAFT coffee expert (wish I got his name). He walked me through the Siphon, its history and we shared opinions on the coffee we made and its tasting notes. Awesome experience.

Free WiFi. There is access to charging ports on one side of the wall.  Pastries and other freshly baked good are sold. Washroom on site.


I believe this is the best Braamfontein option for a coffice. It’s perfectly located in the heart of the buzzing artsy Braam scene. Double Shot specializes in both coffee and tea. It’s beautifully designed, lots of light, and will catch your eye as you walk by. I do find however, that it’s more so a dope hang-out spot that isn’t particularly optimal as a coffice. Rather, when used as a coffice, it should not be for an extended period of time.

Braamfontein is generally a very busy area and so I found the coffee shop crowded more often than not, with a rather long line-up to place an order. The space is small, with high chairs alongside the window walls as the main seating. The volume (white-noise), was louder than my usual liking.

The coffee, I’ve had some awesome ice coffee’s at Double Shot, but this particular day, I ordered an espresso and the barista suggested I try a “balls deep espresso” :D. Initially I was delighted at the thought of a suggestion from staff – a good indication of good customer service. Well, it is an espresso infused with dark chocolate. So I said why not. What the heck, let me try it.  The unfortunate thing is that as I drank my espresso, it was awfully sweet, only for me to notice that instead, I got white, and not dark chocolate. Womp, womp, womp…. I then had to order a macchiato to at least recover from my disappointment. The macchiato was pleasant!

DOUBLE SHOT also gives you the option of making coffee with alternative brewing methods. This definitely earned them some points.

It ended up quieting down so I enjoyed this time more – around 2pm. The music was chilled, calming, with background cafe music.

Free WiFi. Charging ports available but few. Pastries, sandwiches, and desserts are sold. Washroom on site.

Did you know?
Coffee drank in moderation is actually good for you! Some benefits include but are not limited to protecting you against the risk of Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, decreased chance of developing Alzheimer’s, lowering the risk of liver cancer by 40%, and protecting against heart failure :O


As we can tell from the name, Love Food is primarily about FOOD, yummy healthy food that is. The founders and owners of this space are very passionate about food and you can literally taste it! On their website, you’ll find a daily and weekly food menu of what will be freshly served. The dishes are salad based and are constantly changing, with amazing Burger Friday’s!

Their coffee is personally and carefully selected arabica which is great, definitely not overlooked. According to their website, the coffee is sourced through direct trade which nowadays ensures not just great quality but also fair trade.

The ambiance is beautiful! The space is relaxing with calm indie sounds playing from their corner record player. I am very skewed for a dope indie set-up. There is plenty seating. Be careful not to arrive at lunch time though, there is a huge influx of workers from nearby corporate offices coming in for some grub. Do expect to share a table with a stranger or two when it gets busy. The people are very communal…even then, as you already know, always have your headphones with you to cut out that lunch time clutter noise. It gets a lot more quiet after 1pm’ish.

I’m very happy with the customer service here. The staff is friendly. I got my greetings and also had a quick lovely chat with one of the staff on my way out.

No WiFi. A couple of charging ports available by the tables alongside the wall. Food Plenty!! Washroom on site.

Did you know?
Second only to oil, coffee is the most valuable legally traded commodity in the world. Cultivated in over 70 countries by independent farmers!

I know it’s a TOP 5, but I must mention that FATHER COFFEE in Braamfontein, if/when there are tables available, is a great alternative to Double Shot. The coffee is amazing, the minimalistic design of the space is seriously top-notch, and they have free WiFi 🙂

Well, there you have it coffice lovers!! All the places mentioned are great for absolutely anyone, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned them at all. If you ever spot me in one of these or another, don’t hesitate to say wsup! If you are garanteed there is a coffice that should have made this list, drop it in the comments! I would love to check it out!!

P.S. I’ll soon write you an awesome coffee knowledge blog post 😉

Your Girl,







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  1. Looks like some cute coffee places! Would love to visit Johannesburg!

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  2. Such a great article! It was very interesting to read, all those facts – just impressive. Once a had a period in my life, when I better worked from coffee shops than from home. But not, it’s too crowdy for me.

    Cheers, Eliza |

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  3. C-offices! Good coin for a phrase! But we also see lots of students in coffee houses such as starbucks. Maybe we should call them Studeterias.

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  4. I can almost smell the coffee… Lovely coffee shops and they’re great for working and studying. Love your ‘did you know’ facts!

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  5. Bean There’s interior is gorgeous! As a coffee lover I am really tempted to add these to my travel bucket list. 🙂
    Vic |

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  6. Well written and informative, will definitely check these places out.

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  7. I’ve been to Cape Town many times but never made it to Johannesburg! Hope i will one day, and will check one of these places!
    xo, Margot

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  8. oh wow your coffices look and sound amazing, the only decent “coffee shops” we have here are corporate businesses like Costa Coffee or Starbucks which is a shame because I’d love to try some different brewing methods 🙂


  9. Great list dear – love coffee list recommendations, always good when you travel to sit in one for a little and do your travel research or send out few emails if you need to!

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  10. Beautifullyfullfigured November 7, 2016 — 4:00 am

    thanks for the info…will have to visit one of them

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  11. Looks like some great coffee places. I too used coffee houses as my second office when designing in London, and in tandem became a bit of a connoisseur


  12. All of these coffee shops look so cool! I love the big table at #5 Lovefood. I really should get out and work in coffee shops more often.

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  13. Coffice 😄 That is such a good phrase!! I suppose you could spend quite some time there when you have wifi, coffee and food plus it must be a nice change of scenery spending time somewhere that is not an actual office. You might even gain some inspiration from people watching too

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is ey!! Absolutely! I love people watching! Wifi and food go a long way! It’s always good to switch it up and not go to the same coffice all the time, you get to appreciate them all a bit more when you go visit others! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  14. I never used to like coffee but it’s really starting to grow on me now. SO many different options and coffee tends to have the cutest shops! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely! And you know what, if you like tea, you can still get tea like coffee’s from alternative brewing methods. Especially when made with single origin coffees from regions such as Ethiopia, with clear, crisp, floral and citrus notes. And yes, there is a wave for super cute, cozy cafes! love it!! Thanks for dropping by Amy!


  15. I work from home so I’m also always in coffee shops getting things done (and always looking for new, quaint places). I love the places you’ve listed here. Good to know if I’m ever in town. Thanks for taking the time to share all these facts too! ❤️

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  16. Awesome write up! I always love to find and experience different coffee shops and places that roast their own coffee beans!

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  17. I’m a coffee addict and all these places look amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Johannesburg and I will definitely go have coffee in every single shop you mention if I’ll ever get to visit!

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  18. Thanks for the great article and loads of information on the coffice’s within JHB. It would be great to learn about some more of the greats in the suburbs as well. Great article.

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  19. Wow – what a wealth of knowledge! I live literally on Maboneng’s doorstep. Will check it out.


  20. I’m definitely going to make sure I’ll visit some of these if I’m ever around. All of them sounds so good & unique in their own way 🙂


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