I was really hoping this wouldn’t be the nature of my first post about natural hair BUT DANG!!! Black South Africans!!! WTF MANNN??


How do Africans on the African continent know less (waaaaayyyy less) about natural hair than Africans off the continent? I’m not only puzzled, I’m down right disappointed.

On a regular day, out and about, I get at least 2 “is that your real hair”? questions. Now, as a proud naturalista, this actually pisses me off. YES. I do not take it as a compliment. I’m not pissed off at those who ask per se, I’m pissed off at the idea that I seem to be walking the streets not knowing that I’m potentially promoting something that people think they need to go buy because their hair is not good enough!! Something is terribly wrong and something needs to be said and changed A$AP…ROCKY!!

My hair over the years….Image compilation by Nthabi Mpakanyane. Thanks boo!

Note: Yes, I do add braids to my hair every now and then. If you want to throw me a debate and want me to explain how that’s different to relaxing/weave then hit me up in the comments.


Now I know the weave and relaxed hair revolution over here, but is it really so bad to a point where my fellow black sistas can’t even recognize a natural kinky coily nappy fro that has been given some tender loving care? Dear friends, it’s true. Oui, c’est vrai…

Majority of Africans on the continent no longer know what natural hair is!! what it can do!! and what it can look like!!

OKAY, speaking on SA, some even call it ‘kaffir hare’ aka ‘nigger hair’…and only know it to have annoying texture that breaks days on end, with literally no hope. How can this be true people? Something we were born with? Is it really possible that it can be so terrible? NOOOOOO GUYS!!


Ladies (and gents), the hair that grows out of your roots is just like mine. The funny thing is I have seen even WAAAY better cared for hair with my North American counterparts in any case. In fact. Your hair is probably BEAUTIFULLY DIFFERENT to mine. This is because of how versatile our hair is. Our coils and curls vary in size and to the touch but are amazing nonetheless. Our hair can stretch WITHOUT heat and remain so until water is added – annoying at times but freaking cool!!! hahah. We can modify our curls without any addition of chemicals. We can make them big, small, stern, soft, bouncy, anything!! All you gotta do is learn how. You can even introduce color like I did…

Current Situation…


HELP IS AVAILABLE. There are plenty resources online that will teach you about natural hair. All you gotta do is keep an open mind and ACCEPT your natural curl/coil pattern, then move on from there. In my next post or so, I will gather for you my best naturalistas online that way you can get started. If you can’t wait and want my tips, hit me up! I’m more than happy to chat.


If you love your weaves then DO YOU BOO. However, next time you see beautifully worked on hair that looks natural, rather compliment the lady and realize that natural hair is also capable of such beauty. Besides, if you know fake hair so well (side-eye lol), you should be able to distinguish what’s what. Chances are, if you’re questioning, it’s NATURAL!


YES, SA, IT’S MY DAMN HAIR – still with a confused face.

…AND don’t you DARE ask me why I don’t relax it “cos it will be so long and straight”…

I’m proudly black, brown and 10yrs a curly girl. That’s why.


Your girl,




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  1. I love your hair dear. I’m a newbie naturalista & the struggle is real. Every time I do my hair, my mom will feel sorry and tell me to go relax it, make it soft ‘kancane nje’… but i’m in a process of taking good care of my crown and wearing it proud.

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    • Heheh. I feel you, and thank you! Own your crown chika!! At long last my mom is now natural, although she was supportive from get go. Please take care of it, if it’s super thick like mine, consider options of stretching it out a bit naturally in your styling routine, that tends to loosen the curls and even be softer to the touch! Enjoy your natural hair girl! It represents way more than just beauty. xoxo


  2. Its been 8 months since I had an afro, now its just growing really fast and its huge. I have a problem I also want to have my hair all curly but I just don’t know how to. Well I kinda do. I usually twist my hair but the I feel like the curls are not good enough. Do you know of any products that can make my afro curly. Do you know anyone who specializes on afro’s. I really want my afro to be on fleek! :’) By the way I love your Article 🙂 I also get people who ask me if my hair is real or not. Others think its a wig :’). The worst part is when people want to touch my hair just to see if its real or not! Like really now :/ lol

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    • Hi Sinazo, first of all well done on being 8 months a curly girl!! So it’s growing fast hey? and they say black hair doesn’t grow!! tisk tisk tisk. That’s awesome. I think what you should consider to get that defined curl pattern is flexi rods, curl or perm rods. If you look up tutorials on YouTube I believe you will find what you are looking for. Otherwise depending on your actual curl pattern you may just need a curl enhancing cream. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Keep wearing your fro proudly and let all those people know that it grew right out your roots! xoxox…Keep an eye out for a post where I explain how I style my hair… 😉 Oh, and I do recommend Lajawi Hair Salon, they treated my hair very delicately and had great tips and natural hair products.


  3. Your hair is a revolution. I love it.

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  4. Can’t wait for the posts 🙂

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  5. Hey Thuli :-). A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook (i’m really glad that she did). I’m a guy and i’ve been growing my hair out since the 3rd quarter of 2015. I’ve been using Amla oil and coconut oil for my hair quite regularly for the past 3/4 weeks, with a shampoo wash like every 2nd Saturday or so. I’ve certainly noticed the change in my hair texture with all the moisture i’ve provided my hair with. Do you have any tips that I can use to further help my hair grow out? Please and thank you 🙂

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    • Hi Nathi 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m happy your hair is loving the hydration you’re giving it. That’s one thing natural hair loves, moisture! Now I’m no expert, I just advise based on what has worked for me. I swear by coconut oil. My hair loves it, so I’d say definitely stick with that. Since our hair loves moisture so much, I’d also say you replace every second shampoo with a co-wash (washing with only conditioner) so as to not always strip the moisture out of your hair. Deep conditioning at least once a month also helps me. I’ll go into a bit more detail as to how I achieve my looks, and give further resources on my next post about natural hair – keep an eye out. Hope this helps!!


  6. I love your hair and it makes me feel nostalgic of mine as a child and i lost all that to perms,relaxers and yes even braids
    i must say in search of balance my eyes have seen in the streets of johannesburg what my ignorance amounted to ,to the point of going to oosweety to braid my hair in the street and then watching poor birds feet get cut by the same plastic i was growing my hair with
    My heart bleeds for my choices and the birds who never made a choice
    i am going one step forward and three steps back the dance of madness i tell you
    thank you for a beautiful article and yes black natural hair does grow long dont let them make you believe otherwise

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    • Hey Nontsi! Thanks for dropping by. Well honey, you can always go back and try out natural hair again, it’s never too late. Forget the past and focus on today. The effects that our styling methods have on the environment are also ignored, I’m glad your eyes were opened and you are aware now. As for natural hair, you just gotta be patient with it and you will be amazed. I’m glad you enjoyed the article 🙂


  7. I know right? i get that a lot too, YES it’s my hair. Natural hair all the way babe.. I love your hair big time and Nthabi’s wow.. go team NATURAL 🙂 .. love this blog boo but ♥ you more

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  8. Hey friend, appreciating the mention 🤗☺️. I hear you, I guess this is a calling/sign to educate and give tips on natural hair care and growth on your blog 😊.

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  9. Very nice article! I have been a transitioning natural since 2012 and I would say that my hair has been fully natural for 4 years woth ups and downs from heat damage and too much color. I’m not a South African, I’m on the other side of the pond in North America. Natural hair has become very much a thing here, so we are not without our Bullys, persecutors, haters, and those who are 200% against natural hair. And even though less tightly coiled and curly hair is now a part of mainstream media comma respir comic in here, and more tightly coiled hair is not represented. But that doesn’t matter because it is important for each person to love their curl pattern regardless of how it grows out of their head. I have a mixture of three different textures in my hair, and though that may be frustrating for many, I find it to be beautiful and interesting because it teaches me how to deal with many different curl types at once and encourages me to learn styles that work for multiple curl types. We can’t all be clone copies, uniqueness is what makes us special and worthwhile.

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    • Hi Chardine! Love your name! Thanks for dropping by…Yes, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought that the hair that is actually represented more even in North America is that ‘mixed’ texture if I may call it that. There is quite a longer way to go on the ‘4 types’…We see it on instagram on the natural hair pages we follow. Constantly bigger super lose curls…and I bet a lot others with tighter coils aim for that not knowing and appreciating their own curl/coil pattern. So cool that you have diff patterns on your hair – and yeah, it’s fun isn’t it?!? Congrats on being 4 years natural, keep it up and spread the word where you can! Peace and Nappy Love!


  10. I know the feeling of is that your real hair. I got asked if mine was a wig & I’ve even been told I can’t believe that’s all your hair & that was from a black person! We as black women are brain washed to think that every other hair besides our own is beautiful!

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  11. Hey there! LOVE LOVE LOVE your post!
    Fellow South African here and totally agree with you, I have relaxed hair but have noticed people asking the same dumbass questions to my older sister who also slays her afro. Pity how afros considered to be rare nowadays.
    Anyway i LOVE your blog 🙂

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