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Tanit rain boot by Footwork. Image by: TooAndALee

Scared shitless of online shopping I bet. Well, this goes for my South African loves who are mega skeptical of popping some items into the cart and providing their banking deets. There are people who don’t want to admit they are scared but rest assured, I’m here to guide you and let you know that it’s okay and will change your life. Now, contrary to popular belief, since my move back to the motherland (from good ol’ Oh Canada lol) I have come across some pretty dope e-commerce sites. Granted, shopping online does come with a few glitches, but so does shopping in the physical stores. However, for the most part I’ve had a pretty damn good online shopping run in SA. I find it hassle-free, stress-free, and convenient.

Rain Boots FootWork Superbalist

rain boots superbalist

I’ll be reviewing and sharing the shopping process on one of my top fashion stores in South Africa…SUPERBALIST.COM…Yep, you guessed it. It’s superb and leaves you feeling superb in your new swag – corny much 😛

Disclaimer: I do not work for Superbalist. This is not a sponsored post. I’ve been shopping with this online retailer for a couple of months now and just want to share my experience with ya. All items in images purchased on Superbalist.

Red Rain Boots Superbalist
Tanit rain boots by Footwork: Image by: TooAndALee

Superbalist is a fashion e-commerce site that hosts both male and female apparel. You’ll find clothing, footwear, accessories and a pretty fun and quirky ‘apartment’ category for home and decor items. They carry well-known and not so popular but still mega trendy brands. You’ll find quite the variety. Choice is good guys, choice is good. Although more on the casual urban hippy side of life, I feel there’s something for everyone.

Superbalist Home Page - Showing Cart

So Tooleeeee, how did it go? Okay let’s get down to business…

Choose your category, click away. I find the website very user friendly. So click away, zoom away, do what you gotta do, shop around – It won’t break – I promise! For faster viewing simply click the ‘eye’ icon on the item you want to view –  this is for a quick view that way you don’t completely leave the page. If you’re like me, you might want to ‘add items to your wishlist‘ as you shop and then when ready, go into your wishlist and add your fav items in the cart (aka shopping bag).

Coco platforms by Sixty Seven. Image by TooAndALee

Most if not all the time, the items have descriptions under ‘further details’ so make sure to check’em out. Your heart will beat a little less faster when you have a clear picture of what you’re about to purchase. Important: choose your size according to the size chart they provide cos trust me honey, sometimes what you thought was a medium may fit slightly smaller or larger. Even so, I will say, most sizes are true to size. Especially when it comes to footwear in popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance etc. since we all pretty much already know our sizes. For clothing though, to avoid the whole UK/EU/US size conversion mess just stick to the provided sizing chart and you’re good to go – you shouldn’t have any issues upon receipt of your swagoo.


*keep in mind, just like in physical stores, popular sizes (e.g. ladies’ UK 5 in footwear) do sell out pretty fast but you can add them onto your waitlist and Superbalist will email you once they’re back in stock.
Marinero sandals by Espadril. Pouch Included. Image by: TooAndALee
  • Add to cart

This is probably the easiest and quickest step. Click on the cart and and hit ‘checkout’. This will take you to the payment section. Double check that you’ve selected the correct items and size, then hit checkout now. If someone gave you a voucher or gift card, this is where you’ll insert the code.

  • Addy and Banking Deets

DSC_0338If you haven’t already done so when you registered on the site, then this will be where you enter your name, billing and shipping address, and choose your method of payment. Your shipping addy: if there isn’t someone who’s always at home, send it to your work addy. Payment methods: they have various methods of payment which is great. If credit cards are not your steez, the easiest option (especially for the super skeptical) is to go with EFT…so grab the provided Superbalist’s banking details and then head over to your online banking and pay them over there. They also give you the option to pay with e-bucks, discovery miles or snapscan. I’ve used multiple payment methods and have not had an issue.

Image by: TooAndALee

Superbalist tab online shopping

*the above green lock in your browser tab lets you know that your purchase is secure*
  • Delivery/Shipping

Standard Delivery is FREE!! IT’S FREEEEE 😛 Arrives at your doorstep FO FREE! The delivery guy normally rings me up when he arrives at my door and then I head on out. They deliver between 9am and 5pm – weekdays only. If you happen to miss that delivery by mistake, they’ll simply try to arrange a better time with ya. The morning of the delivery, they’ll pop you a text letting you know to expect the delivery that day.

Image by: TooAndALee
  • Booyah! You steez has arrived

It really feels like my birthday every time I receive a package! So there you go! They don’t actually leave the package at your mailbox like in pic – this is SA son. You will sign for it or someone will sign for it on your behalf, as long as you tell the delivery oak.

Image by: TooAndALee
  • Any issues or returns!

Don’t like the product for some reason? You have 30 days to return or exchange it. Please read the detailed rules on the website because there are some items you can’t return – just like in the physical stores. So log on back to your Superbalist account and under orders – choose the item you want to return. They’ll email you a quick simple form to fill out and they’ll send the courier oak to pick it up from your addy for FREE. They will let you know the time they’ll arrive etc. Superbalist will either credit your bank account if you choose so, or they’ll give you store credit, if it’s an exchange then obvi you will choose the item you prefer and they’ll deliver it to you the same way they did the first time! If there’s a price difference, then you gotta pay for it hunty! I have gone through this process, which is why I am confident to explain to you how it was handled. No complaints thus far.

Rain Boots Superbalist
Happy Feet. Image by: TooAndALee

I’m quite happy with Superbalist. The price points are very decent. Yes they also carry more luxurious items but you can shop by price. For example ‘Shop under R150’ and you’ll find a bunch of items. Be sure to check out the sale and offer tab too. I’m quite the deal junky as you will soon learn!


  1. Shop in the comfort of your own home
  2. Store never closes
  3. HUGE variety
  4. International brands
  5. No queues! I hate line ups

That’s it for now loves. Happy Shopping! If you have any questions for me pop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Be sure to check out my Facebook page and Instagram.

Your favorite shopper,


Backpack by Mi-Pac. Image by: TooAndALee


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  1. That’s it now you make me want to move to SA, just so I can shop at this store!! Great post. Very informative and I really enjoyed the tips and pictures. Keep’ em coming chica :)))


  2. Thank you for a great post, you helped me a lot.


  3. Cuteness overload on those boots, not the typical heavy rain boots. ❤️

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