We dream. We aspire. We seek. Yet, beginning the process is always somewhat of a bitch. Fear of the unknown. Future tripping. Can I actually do it?

I am starting this blog with the intention of documenting change and the stages thereof in my life. I am about to take some of the biggest steps and about to make some of the most risky (according to me anyway) decisions of the quarter century that is my life. For the past year, I have decided to follow my gut, my instinct, that female intuition they so often talk about. I have already seen how crazy accurate it is and how it shifts me to experiences I could have never imagined. SO exactly what is this blog about? It’s simple, it’s almost like those “YES” years. I won’t be shying away from anything positive that presents itself to me, I will hold onto those ideas and figure out how I can turn them into realities that will not only benefit myself and my growth, but those around me as well.

My attention will be focused ofcourse. Otherwise I’ll be walking aimlessly. Attention doesn’t mean I won’t be open to experience because well, life is so broad, with so many layers, where any detail can be divided into further details. Let I not bore you any further…You will soon notice my passion for fashion, natural hair, travel, time (oh precious time), culture and beans, coffee beans.

Here goes nothin!

Thuli Machobane



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  1. Awesome things girla. Look forward to more that’s to come.


  2. That’s wassup cuzzy cuzz!!!! I’m behind you like chickens knees. Go get it!

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  3. Let’s continue or add another entry very soon. It was getting so good then you cut out and left me hanging. Looking forward to more.

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  4. Beautiful babe… also looking forward to reading more and more ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Awesome, looking forward to more posts.
    You started!! (inspired!! will be keeping up!


  6. Growth is necessary. Change is inevitable and time waits for knowone.

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